We help our customers to achieve their dream targets from designing to finishing

Syed Brothers are implacable on the quality of the work; rather, our designers are famous for being nominated in the nation's leading interior designers for room decoration, home decor, exterior pieces, or all finishing phases. Their unrivaled services know how to close the innings with a long-lasting impression on viewers. We being the best construction company in Pakistan cover all Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Jhelum, Sahiwal, and many other cities

How the finishing process begins at Syed Brothers through its expert interiors designers

Utilizing architectural features and furnishing and combine them with colors, lighting, and materials to transform a gray structure into the splendid habitat is mainly classed as finishing. The mastery of this discipline is our pride.


Finishing of a house is the last process in the manufacturing of the building. The journey started with architecture designing , followed by gray structuring, and then moved over to the finishing process. But don't worry! Syed Brothers can jump in the game to uplift your task at any stage through their unmatchable price plans and quality work. We feel proud to disclose that we possess exceptional skills to accomplish your whole project or just part project at the scheduled time.

What Comes Under Our Finishing Services

Our finishing services include artistic interiors, room decoration, home decor, insulating, flooring, plumbing, making cabinets, tile work, and building painting. Our growing target markets consist of Jhelum, Gujranwala, Sahiwal, Faisalabad, and Pakistan's capital cities. We use Glamorous yet classic floor tiles, wall tiles, ceiling design, Texture paint, slats, etc. for finishing.

You can sign up for finishing of your newly constructed residential spaces, shops, malls, stores, and workplaces. If you are looking for a low-cost finishing for your facility, we can do it for you in a reasonable budget.

Artistic Interiors

Experienced interior designers at Syed Brothers Designers & Builders keep an artistic balance between space, light, color, texture, patterns, and lines and provide you with fascinating interiors.

Our material choice follows your demand to have an eye-popping design of your living or working place, complementing architectural design. Whatever type of interior design you want in Porcelain, Glass, Sintered Glass, Stones, Marble, Floral, Woodwork, etc., you can rest assured on the work's quality.

To liven it up and brighten your vicinity with artistic interiors and room decoration, hire Syed Brothers confidently. And look forward to meeting an alluring facility.

Home Décor

Are you getting ready for Home Décor? Syed Brothers Designers & Builders offer fantastic Home Décor of your living place.

Our decorators conduct thorough research after finishing and then properly plan the structure's ambiance that uplifts your energy. Experienced designers at Syed Brothers can do it splendidly, either a duplex, triplex, townhomes, apartment, villas, or condos.

Room decoration

Maintaining creativity while decorating is not a piece of cake because decorating a space needs creativity and expertise. You need an adept interior decorator like the decorators at Syed Brothers for Room decoration. Our designers are professional enough to manage and mold all sized paces with artistic interiors' expertise to have a magnificent and broader volume.


You must be wondering how we decorate bedrooms. Our design includes Aesthetic bed wall design, ceiling designs, Proficient Wardrobe design, opening design, looking mirror, Vanities along with matching furniture, and curtains, etc.

We maintain your space's comfort level with Warmth, classic, luxury, and alluring textures.


It's time to make your kitchen beautiful and sustainable.

Syed Brothers Designers & Builders specialize in artistic interiors for all kitchens, such as open kitchen, one wall kitchen, L-shaped, U-shaped, Island kitchen. We are here to bring out your kitchenette's functionality at best by keeping its texture and designing exquisite.


We hold a variety of doors styles following the demands of our customers. Carved wooden and glass doors styles for the Main gate and internal doors. Moreover, install designed wooden glass doors and stained film glass doors in between the finishing.


Furnishings encompass Exquisite Shower cabins, Showers, Sinks, Tubs, and Bathroom Vanities, bath Floor Tile Design, Electric sanitary ware design with a luxury touch.

Living Room

Our designed ventures impart a productive and soothing ambiance for the inhabitants.

It comprised Splendid Lounge LCD wall design, media wall design, first-floor lounge design, and Ceiling light point of the lounge. Moreover, Stair railing, Aluminum drawings, and paintings for a Feature wall, luxurious texture for the living room's fireplace wall.

All feature design of the Sitting room with Floating and hanging shelves for placing furnishings and mementos. Artificial plants or suggestions for natural plants our decorators provide adequate consultation for décor.

Drawing Room

Elegant textured interiors with Chandeliers, contemporary furniture, rugs, cushions, and curtains.

In addition to this Room decoration, other functionalities present in the house (if any) are decorated in Home Décor. For instance, we design a computer room, gym, or exercise rooms according to the room's requirements and the customers.

Exterior designing

Apart from artistic interiors, we are confident in turning your elevations in the striking exteriors.

Following your taste, we provide a refined and luxury texture for the exterior of your building. Our services include Plastering, face bricks, Passage landscape design, Front elevation tile design, Boundary wall design. Terrace landscape design, Terrace landscape tile design, Main Landscape Design, and garages.

Why choose Syed Brothers Designers & Builders

  • Syed Brothers Designers & Builders claim as the best construction company in Pakistan.
  • We are experts at energizing your locality with glamorous yet elegant interiors, Home Décor, Room decoration, and finishing.
  • We can model your accommodation with the latest trending artistic interiors and decors suitable for Real Estate as well.
  • For the material and services we provide, we don't compromise on the quality.
  • Syed Brothers also mastered at renovating your space even if it is not newly constructed.
  • Our team members know how to refashion and alter old ideas and outdated designs into modern surroundings.